On Demand

Aint No Half Steppin with Marcus J

10.14.19 Ray Neblett and Vince Vu Introduce Kinis – Fort Worth Cop Kills Woman In Home

10.7.19 Botham Jean Murder, Conviction and Sentence – Black Forgiveness

*Bonus Episode* 9.16.19 Behind The Scenes With Red Table Talk (Episode 2 With Chelsea Handler)

9.30.19 Red Table Talk RVA and White Privilege

8.20.19 Warren Ballentine Returns – Black vs Black


9.24.19 Intetelled

9.17.19 Grumpy Guy

8.27.19 A Gorilla… For Real

7.30.19 400th Anniversary Of Jamestown Settlement

Drunk Auntie

10.10.19 Find Me A Name Blacker Than Russell

10.3.19 Sidebitching 101

9.26.19 Carrying On

9.19.19 LIR Debut

My Depression’s Got Jokes

10.13.19 Evolution

10.6.19 Red Table Talk Panel

9.15.19 Leave Folk Alone

9.8.19 Mad

From Prison To Promise (Doing Time)

9.8.19 Earl Morgan

9.1.19 Lenzy Terry – Victorius Ambition

7.28.19 Thurston White Jr – Heavily Motivated

7.21.19 Inspiring Mike Smith

Trois After Dark

10.13.19 Bad Company

10.16.19 Happy House

9.29.19 Different Profiles

9.15.19 Will You Cover?

On The Hot Seat With The Coach

10.6.19 Victoria Jackson

9.29.19 Ericka J Fitness

9.8.19 Nathan Daniels

Ladies Takeover With Lissa P

5.4.19 the Comedianess Who Cried but Laughed a Little (LIVE @ A Touch Of Class)

7.14.18 What Does Your HUE Mean To You? (LIVE @ 6335 Restaurant and Lounge)

11.09.17 #MeToo

4.22.17 Wellness And Fitness

9.24.16 Support

3.14.15 The Dopamine Effect

The Last Laff With Jay Green

9.4.19 Pro Wrestling Special (WWE, NWA, WCW, AWA, ECW, AEW, NWO and MORE)

The Green Room V2.0 With Jay Grizzy & Lissa P

4.10.19 6 Year Anniversary With Guests Boogie Bynum, Comedian Tinman, Sylvia Mitchell and More

6.8.18 LIVE Return

11.26.14 Special FERGUSON Episode (Michael Brown Killing)

11.5.14 Top Black Movies 25-1

10.29.14 Top Black Movies 50-26

Alumni Returns and Specials

2.13.18 The Pregame – LIVE at Brewer’s Café – Virginia Politics, Blackface, Who Should Resign?

LIR Podcast Team

A Discussion About HORROR Films (Halloween Special)

A Discussion About Religion (Fall 2013)

RVA Solidarity Summit – Why Call To Action?

An Israelite, 5 Percenter, Christian And Agnostic BUILD Together

Eddie Murphy Was Great – What Happened?

Marvel’s Black Panther Discussion

Star Wars Podcast

Star Wars Podcast 4 The Last Jedi Recap

Star Wars Podcast 3 Episodes 7 8 Rogue One

Star Wars Podcast 2 Episodes 4 6

Star Wars Podcast 1 Episodes 1 3