This One Time At The Gym

A lot has changed in the last 15 years in the Fitness Industry and Mara Winters has been around to witness it all. This One Time At The Gym gives you a behind the scenes understanding of this $24 billion dollar industry and it is your source to be better informed to reach your fitness goals. Each week, join Mara as she interviews her most interesting friends of fitness and enjoy the fun gym talks trainers and fitness professionals have that the public doesn’t get to often hear. Yes we talk about you behind your back!

As graduate of Christopher Newport University, Mara has dedicated her life to the wellness of the human body. From an early age she understood the importance of health and how it enhances life. She believes a person’s health determines their ability to live their best life. So she made a commitment to work in fitness industry because it encompasses all the disciplines that prevents disease. Through her knowledge of exercise and nutrition she has guided her clients to reach their goals. From bodybuilding competitions to just wanting to look better for the beach, she has gotten some amazing results. A body in motion stays in motion!

This One Time A The Gym will Debut Thursday, January 4, 2018 and will air weekly at 7pm.