Joi “Unspeakable” Donaldson loves to write. A lot. Nine books – including the 8-pager she wrote when she was 9 – worth of a love for writing. Ranging from poetry and short story to humor and promptings, writing is more than just her thing: it’s a way of life. Her way with words and imaginative approach to life and business have allowed her to work with various grassroots efforts and professional collaborators. She was a contributor for RiseNGrind magazine, been featured in the Soar column of For Harriet, the blog site The Next 100 with her new home located on Medium. She’s Editor-In-Chief of the digital magazine Evincive alongside Avian Mills of Closets and Kids. She’s also a Feast RVA grant finalist and independent producer of the podcast, “My Depression’s Got Jokes.”

Her work as a professional photographer has won her fans along with her body positive photo campaign, “Thick Thighs Save Lives RVA.” Joi’s lifestyle brand, ReFeel & Co, makes self-care in all its layers effortless with her ReFeel Affirmation Decks and ReFeel Boxes. Paper Storms, one of Joi’s passion projects, is a creative expression non-profit for teen girls of color which dives into discovering and utilizing our backstories to propel ourselves forward. Sis, Disruptive can be viewed as the sister project of Paper Storms which centers women of color as the focus.

This healing space series kicks back against the ideas of needing to be saved by the outside and going within to save and heal ourselves. Healing is disruptive and Joi along with the chosen presenters for each meetup strive to prepare safe spaces for those energies to be released and shared. Joi “Unspeakable” Donaldson does (and is) a lot: mother, author, poet, youth mentor, photographer, entrepreneur, influencer, editor-in-chief, producer, advocate for change and acceptance, activist, teacher, consultant, reader, artist, carefree black girl and survivor. But most of all, she is a writer who has been commissioned to tell stories.